Re: [m17n] Setting up CJK Latex for UTF8

From: Mike FABIAN (
Date: Thu Feb 13 2003 - 12:03:25 CET

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    From: Mike FABIAN <>
    Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 12:03:25 +0100
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    Subject: Re: [m17n] Setting up CJK Latex for UTF8

    bruce_np <> さんは書きました:

    > I have the CJK package installed, and it works fine with emacs.
    > But now I wanted to use the UTF8 encoding, because it is more readable then the files
    > emacs produce.
    > But I cant get it running. I tried all the UTF8 examples from CJK and always the same
    > result:
    > font T1/song/m/n/10/cyberb00 at 12.0pts (or any other font) not loadable: Metric tfm file not found

    The example you are trying to use apparently needs the Bitstream
    Cyberbit font cyberbit.ttf because it contains something like:


    (See also the last section of

    The Bitstream Cyberbit font is a commercial, non-free font. It used
    to be downloadable for personal use from Bitstream, but Bitstream has
    discontinued it. See also:

    If you still have the font, this example file will work if you just
    copy the font to /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/truetype/cyberbit.ttf and

        SuSEconfig --module cjk-latex

    But if you don't absolutely need a font covering most of Unicode 2.0
    to use CJK-LaTeX in UTF-8. You can just as well use different fonts
    for Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Actually using different fonts for
    these languages will give much better results.

    Have a look at the example file


    This file demonstrates the use of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean in one
    .tex file in UTF-8 using different fonts for each language. All fonts
    used in that example file are free and available as .rpm packages on
    SuSE Linux 8.1.

    Mike Fabian   <>
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