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Tip+ is sometimes accessed from abroad.
However I can't present English document now, because I have not
much ability to write in English and have not sufficient time to do it.
So in this release, I presented sample configuration with README files
written in English in the hope that they may be helpful to persons who can
not read Japanese document.
I believe these sample files and README files present sufficient information
to install tip+.

The English version of tip+ user's manual is now under construction.
It is tedious for me to complete it.
However if you need English instruction, let me know what you need.
I will help you as much as possible.
Full manual may be constructed while I am doing so. :-)

Kenji Arisawa (Kenar)
E-mail: arisawa@aichi-u.ac.jp


     14048 BUG1
      2006 FILES
       775 README
     14701 README.TIP+3.1
     23838 bp.tar.gz
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      4404 page.tar.gz
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      4642 slip.tar.gz
     11911 sysconf.tar.gz
    109922 tip+3.1.1.tar.gz
      1428 tip+3.1.man.pkg.tar.gz
    235165 tip+3.1.pkg.tar.gz
    110096 tip+3.1.tar.gz
     64167 tipxfer.tar.gz
     57320 transit.tar.gz